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It is NOT about the type of birth!

As my first Blog, this is a biggg topic.

But it is needing to be written so here it is.

In all my experinces and especially since facilitating Birth Healing Workshops, I see now more than ever that it is NOT about the type of birth.

Let me explain...

As a new graduate many moons ago, I remember seeing the most incredible birth ~ 'textbook' ~ we would call it as it is all normal as we were taught. However, when I went to check in with the birthing goddess the next day, she seemed traumatised by the birth. And I was left feeling puzzled.

Then over the years I have seen many situations that are less than ideal ~ Emergency Caesareans, intervention +++ ~ you get the drift. However, many of these women and partners were not bothered by their experinces as much.

This is my point here.. when we look ONLY at the type of birth, this can lead to some women feeling lost in their experinces and less supported because we assume they are ok. But we miss a major issue when doing this. It is all about their PERCEPTION of their birth. I as a Midwife, may see that everything has gone well, but for them, it may have been the most lonliest time, the most heartbreaking, the scariest thing and not have felt empowered by it at all.

Then there are the partners, the ones who see birth only a few times in their lives and are expected to think a 'normal' birth is beautiful and have no left-over trauma around seeing their loved one in this state.

Let's take the type of birth off the table!! Let's meet everyone where they are really at and not make assumptions.

When you hear what type of birth someone had, I invited you to ask;

'how did you feel about it?'

Thank you for reading,

Zoe xx


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