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Hi Loves, 

Welcome to my space. This is where you get to explore me and my offerings. After caring for hundreds of families, I have come to find my absolute passion in education and connecting 1:1 with clients who are navigating their pregnancy or postnatal journey. I want you to know all that I know as an experienced Midwife while you navigate all the decisions this stage of life brings.


One of my previous clients once said they felt they needed to have a degree to make educated decisions around their pregnancy, birth and baby, however, you do not. Leave that all to me and I can guide you through all the information and options. 

I want unbiased information to be accessible to all, which is why I am accessible for in person 1:1 care and zoom for those not in the Sunshine Coast area. My dream is for everyone to have continuity of care through pregnancy, birth and postnatal no matter if birthing in Hospital or Home. This is why I have options for all.  

Zoe xx


My time as a Midwife had me travelling through 4 different states in Australia and over to New Zealand. I have had experience in many different Hospital settings, Rural, Birth Centre and Home Birthing as a Private Midwife.


Providing me with such a diverse understanding of my profession and cemented in my passion to be women/family-centered in all I do. My passion has lead me to stepping out of working in the Hospital system in Australia since I have moved to Sunshine Coast Australia. Now offering Private Midwifery Antenatal Care, Postnatal Care, Home Birth Midwife Care and Hospital Birth support. As well as for families that do not live on Sunshine Coast 1:1 Online support.  

Being women centered has lead me into deepening my own self development participating in workshops both personally and professionally.

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